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Our story

While visiting Australia in May 2015, Jan Utzen was approached to work on a project in Bicheno, Tasmania that drew inspiration from the Danish Hygge movement.  Working on a series of buildings that had a limited footprint due to the sensitive nature of the environment.  They needed to be buildings that were independent of each other, were small and cozy, minimalist and held a relationship with the grassy coastal wetland environment.

Working on the initial conceptual phase with Sea Stacks owner, Jan Utzen went on to become the consultant architect to award winning Tasmanian based architect team Poppy Taylor and Matt Hinds from Taylor & Hinds Architects. 

Jan Utzen had previously worked with Taylor & Hinds mentoring them in the early stages of their careers.  Specialising in designing  liveable, functional, and memorable environments, Matt and Poppy have bought to life Jan Cameron’s dream of creating an intimate experience, a nest of buildings that pay homage to the surrounding environment while respecting the land.

“As I have watched over this land I have always dreamed of these small timber vessels, rising above the Rivulet, capturing the intensity of everything that surrounds them. The views of the trees, the river, wildlife and the beach.  I believe we have done that with SEA STACKS.”  Sea Stacks Owner.

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