MICA   /My car/


Noun: A group of minerals that are all silicate minerals, known as sheet silicates because they form in distinct layers.  Micas are light and relatively soft. 

Mica is most commonly a golden colour.

Working within the concept of mica layers this Eastern facing building develops a partnership between the environment, design and materials, overlaying these elements to create a golden bathed open plan experience.

Natural timber floors and locally source stone and timber combine to create an understated accent of raw emotion and vulnerability.   Individually curated,  providing self-contained accommodation like no other. 

Enveloped in golden light from a vibrant, warm solid brass kitchen and bathroom this bespoke residence draws you to connect with the unique rivulet and all that this inspiring opportunity offers you.

A series of unassuming windows provides a hint of the environment, Mica lures you to leave the comfort of the building and wander the landscape to breathe in the unique surroundings of SEA STACKS.

Over time as the buildings age they will form a closer bond with the environment and the land will begin to claim the buildings as part of nature.