FELDSPAR   /Feld spa/


Noun: A name given to a collective group of minerals that have similar characteristics due to a similar structure and distinguished by the presence of alumina and silica. 

Granite rich in mineral Feldspar has a distinct pink or copper colour

The SEA STACKS are architecturally designed to create curiosity and suspense. 

A meandering elevated boardwalk delivers you to the unassuming entrance to Feldspar.  Walking through a small timber hall this south-east facing structure quickly opens into a space that captures and frames the landscape beyond. Drawing inspiration from the natural pink tones of Feldspar a copper glow illuminates the room as you sit either inside or out on the deck, immersing yourself into the environment. This slightly elevated site ensures the best possible views from all levels.  Drawing inspiration from native bird hides, windows and ventilation spaces are designed to draw the outside in and provide a glimpse that lures you to yearn for more.  Individually curated,  providing self-contained accommodation like no other. 

Climbing the timber staircase, there is a sense of anticipation, but you are again rewarded with expansive views from the king sized bedroom and a bathroom that is bathed in a glow inspired by the unique pink Tasmanian sunset, as the copper bathtub is illuminated under the skylight.