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The Architectural Inspiration


Forged over 400 million years ago the unique Granite outcrops along the Tasmanian East Coast are responsible for the iconic white sandy beaches and pure aqua waters. As the granite slowly erodes it transforms into sparkling white sand.  The orange lichen covered boulders create the stunning beaches and coastline, as the white granite sand reflects the ocean in a kaleidoscope of colour. 

Similarly, what gives Granite its strength is the relationship between the minerals that create this stone, Feldspar, Mica and Quartz.

Sea Stacks stand in honour of the everchanging coastal environment, giant sentinels rising above the coastal grasses, guarding over the tranquil rivulet. Buildings that become part of the environment, blending in to become an intimate part of the landscape.

A Sea Stacks experience is an emotional presence, a sense of isolation without loneliness, becoming immersed in the surrounding environment and not dominating it. It is an experience that pays respect to the landscape and opens a peace that comes from being within nature.

A self-contained accommodation like no other...  these individually curated buildings create curiosity, a taste of an experience, challenging you to define your own emotion by opening the door, emerging from the safety of the timber lined cocoon and experiencing the natural wonder of the environment. 


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