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QUARTZ  /kwortz/


Recognising the strength of quartz, this building rises from the rivulet and grasslands, resonating strength and confidence in its position in the landscape.  A unique southeastern facing building, boasting views of both the rivulet and crashing waves of Denison Beach.

A king-sized bedroom showcases uninterrupted views of the Denison Rivulet and Beach with wide opening windows that draw you out to embrace the local estuary surroundings.  Cocooned by a stone egg shaped bath illuminated by a shaft of light that envelopes your nighttime stargazing experience.  Each Sea Stacks is individually curated, providing self-contained accommodation like no other. 

The open plan timber design draws its strength from the minimalist Danish Hygge movement, with strong grey stone that connects the three elements of architecture, landscape and emotion into an experience that draws you into the landscape and fascinates and inspires the curious nature of adventure.

Quartz Stack features

  • Beautifully curated views of the Denison Rivulet and Beach

  • King size bed 

  • Bespoke egg-shaped bath

  • Full kitchen

  • Fireplace

  • Private deck

  • Bottle of East Coast Tasmanian wine 

  • Locally sourced breakfast provisions

  • Aesop products

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